MA Creative Media Practice- Are You Here

Are You Here is a genealogical journey exploring family history, identity and place through illustration and digital media.  The work is designed to question the nature of family and genealogical links to places, making us wonder whether it is a coincidence that we are instinctively drawn to places or if we actively try to create links with places where we have connections (no matter how distant or close). The final work involved sculptureillustration, blog, an ebook and exhibition (recorded in a video, below).

Exhibition Documentary- Are You Here from CrenellatedArts on Vimeo.

PhD- Cultural Mapping

Alison’s PhD involves revealing hidden heritage through digital cultural asset mapping and creative engagement techniques.  The poster presentation below is a summary of the work.

Alison McCandlish is a PhD student in cultural planning at the University of the West of Scotland School of Media, Culture and Society.  She has a background in town planning, heritage conservation, education and creative media and her academic research interests centre around community engagement and heritage management using digital and artistic methods.   She runs an award winning freelance digital interpretation and illustration practice,