• To raise the profile of practice research in Scotland.
  • To foster cross-disciplinary work, encompassing different areas of expertise. 
  • To generate knowledge exchange by creating a space for collaborations to develop.
  • To showcase the work of PhD researchers, highlighting the diversity of current practice in the field.



  • To provide an on-line platform to share practice research in Scotland.
  • To build local, as well as national networks to strengthen collaborative work in specific geographical locations.
  • To form cohorts for funding bids to SGSAH, partner organisations and Arts institutions.
  • To support practice research by providing spaces, resources and time to explore potential funding models.



  • To develop research skills by identifying training needs and method-specific requirements.
  • To explore opportunities for future careers based on practice research.
  • To create a legacy resource in the field of practice research to illustrate best practice.
  • To widen opportunities by exploring partnerships with Arts organisations and institutions across Scotland, to further support and grow this sector.